Kimman's Co.

Many of you are curious about the name Kimman’s.

As a little girl I was very blessed with the greatest grandfather in the world, Jack Kimman. He made me feel like I was the first grandchild, even though I was the third girl. Visiting him on Caroline Street during school vacations was a highlight of my childhood. He taught me about gardening (our tiger lily logo was his favorite), and just spent quality time with me and always slowed down for me. It was an easy choice to honor him with my boutique business venture when the time came. 

During a recent cleaning of my mother’s home, my sister and I found a letter that was written in 1970 from my grandfather to my mother predicting an independent retail career for me. So, after careers in banking, food sales, corrugated products, independent schools, and hazardous chemicals, I am fulfilling his prophecy and enjoying every day of it!  Stop by our gift shop ... it will always be special to me and hope it becomes just as special to you!                     —Caroline