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A Local Gift Shop with Practically Everything Under the Sun!

If you’re looking for a gift shop near you in the Fredericksburg, VA area, make it a point to stop by our store. Of course, you can also just sit down, put your feet up, and shop conveniently on our website. Either way, you’ll find a gift selection that captures almost anything, and everything, you could want for gift giving. You might even find some items you’ll want for yourself!

Get useful everyday items likes Beekman soap and women's clothing. Plus truly unique items like Pop Open Cards and USB Lighters along with personalized selections like monogrammed glassware, wooden cutting boards, and purses. Our gift shop has practical and even unusual gifts for every taste.

Speaking of personalized items, make sure you check out our other online stores where you can go crazy with personalized items like cards, invitations, towels, napkins, and a whole lot more. And yes, if you’re just looking for simple items like birthday cards, we have them too. Our goal is to make sure you find just the right gift for that special someone.

Shop our Three other Gift Shops:

kimmans.awesomethis.com : More than 40 different products that can be personalized with captions, photos and monograms from Inscribe & Paparte!

kimmans.carlsoncraft.com : If you are a personalized kind of person, this is your website! Napkins, invitations, stationery... you name it, they have it! Hundreds of products delivered right to your door!

shoptiques.com/boutiques/Kimmans-Co: A broad selection of women's clothing from top designers.

Gift selections aside, our real focus is you. We have a birthday club where you can sign up to get 20% off any item from our shop on your birthday. Yeah, it’s alright to give yourself a gift! We’ll even do the shopping for you with our personal gift shopper program. Just give us the dates you want to come up with a gift idea for women, new moms, home gift, anything … and we’ll find just the right gift to make you the hero! Just think of us as your very own gift concierge.

We could go on and on, but check out our gift collections for yourself, either online or in person at our conveniently located gift shop near you in Fredericksburg. You won’t find a better selection of gifts from around the world or more friendly staff. We just love gift giving!

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about us

Many of you are curious about the name Kimman’s.

As a little girl I was very blessed with the greatest grandfather in the world, Jack Kimman. He made me feel like I was the first grandchild, even though I was the third girl. Visiting him on Caroline Street during school vacations was a highlight of my childhood. He taught me about gardening (our tiger lily logo was his favorite), and just spent quality time with me and always slowed down for me. It was an easy choice to honor him with my boutique business venture when the time came.

During a recent cleaning of my mother’s home, my sister and I found a letter that was written in 1970 from my grandfather to my mother predicting an independent retail career for me.

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