Not everyone is very sure of themselves in the kitchen or when entertaining so we look really hard and taste a whole bunch of gourmet food gifts to bring you the tasty and the easy.  If it is going to take a long time, we probably passed it up!

However, if you are a great cook, chef, baker or a weekend gourmand, we want you to have products that will challenge your creativity.  Check out some of our Terrapin Ridge sauces.  The aioli sauces are great.  Our salts are top quality and make anything you cook taste fabulous. 

Our dips can be used a lot of different ways.  Use them in sandwich spreads, as glazes when you grill or cut up some veggies and use them as, oh yeah, dips!

This category changes up a lot and at holiday times lots more goodies arrive in the fall.  We aim for great gifting presents at the holidays but you may find you buy one for yourself too!

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