Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patch - 6 Pack

Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patch - 6 Pack

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VICI Wellness Oh-Migraine Topical Patch

Unbearable, agonizing, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, stomach upset, life affecting, head explosion, ice pick twisting, and brain fog are just some words and terms that most people who have had migraines describe what it feels like.

The VICI Wellness Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patch was formulated and developed using natural supplements and nutrients to give you support for relief from these suffering terms.

The Oh Mi-Graine Topical Patch has a balance of ingredients to support migraine relief.
Here are a few that we methodically chose for this amazing VICI Topical Patch:
Ashwagandha Root
Butterbur (PA Free
Coenzyme Q10
Vitamin D