Personal Gift Shopping

This is where our gift shop really shines!

Let us keep track of your personal gift calendar as part of Kimman's calendar service and we’ll remember your recipient’s favorite things, addresses and all those hard to remember important dates.

Let us be your very own personal gift shopper! We'll shop for you and always provide you with the very best gift ideas. We'll even wrap it, and if you’re really busy, deliver or mail your gift for you. After having an initial personal shopping conversation with us, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to send that card or give that gift again.

Tired of giving the same old gifts to clients? If you are a real estate agent, a banker or anyone who sends gifts to clients, let us make it easier for you. We'll help you choose a unique gift that will help your customers remember you. Just let us know your budget, a little bit about your client and we'll handle the rest. From custom gift baskets to unique trinkets, there’s never been a perfect gift we can’t find. We can engrave over 100 different gifts and include your logo so they will remember who was the generous giver. 

Our gift shop is in Fredericksburg. It's nearby so just stop by. You might even find some personal items you'd like to take home for yourself!